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Gini's Boutique

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Gini's Boutique is my gift shop based on Low Lane in Birstall, West Yorkshire where you can rent a space to sell your own crafts.  Prices start from only £3.50 per week and I don't charge commission on any sales, all the profit goes to you.  You don't have to be local, as long as you can post your items you can rent a space in my shop.  Payment is by Paypal weekly subscription, you just need to click on the button and fill your email address once and that's it, super easy.  All your profits are sent to you the same way.

To apply for a shelf, choose the size of space you require below, fill in the form at the bottom of the page.  Price your items and send them to the address shown.  Once sent click on the subsciption button to set up your paypal weekly payments.  If you need to ask more details first you  can email me at


Gini's Boutique

57 Low Lane

Birstall, Batley

West Yorkshire

WF17 9EY


Prices for renting a space in my shop are set at five levels:-

150 inch square of space @ £3.50 per week 

(for example 10x15inch shelf or equivalent

wall, clothes rail, floor, table or card stand)

200 inch square of space @ £4.50 per week

250 inch square of space @ £5.50 per week 

300 inch square of space @ £6.50 per week

350 inch square of space @ £7.50 per week 

Click on these tabs to set up your weekly Paypal subscriptions once you have posted your items to me.



Application Form/Contract

Thanks for submitting!

  • Shelf rents are by paypal subscription.  If a weeks rent is missed, paypal will automatically try to take the payment 5 days later.

  • Subscriptions are for a minimum of two months.

  • All profits will be paid to the renter via paypal with details of items sold.

  • If rent remains unpaid the shop owner has the right to withhold the renters stock until the debt is paid.

  • If a customer wishes to pay by card the card fee is taken from the profit at 1.7%. for example a £10 item less 1.7% (17p) = £9.83 paid to renter.

  • I cannot accept copyrighted items, eg. Disney, Guess How Much I Love You

  • I do not accept any offensive language, abusive, racist items etc.

  • If the renter no longer wants to continue renting their shelf but is unwilling to resolve outstanding debt the shop owner has the right to hold back goods to the value of the debt outstanding.

  • It is the renters responsibility to keep their contact details up to date with the shop owner.

  • Although I take every care possible with your items it is advisable that you have your own public liability insurance as I am not liable for items damaged or stolen items by the public whilst in my shop.

  • All items must be fully compliant with regulations. Renters must have liability insurance where applicable. ie for candles, bath bombs, face creams etc

  • The shop owner has the right to refuse items or remove them from the shelf.

  • You may use your shelf for advertising, taking orders, custom items etc.  It is recommended that you include business cards, title, information about yourself and your products to better sell your items.

  • It is expected that the renter contributes to the selling of their product by sharing any videos, photos and informing on your sites that you are selling at my shop.

  • I reserve the right to move stock around the shop to maximise the selling of your product.

  • The seller is responsible for the return postage cost at the end of the contract.

  • When the contract has ended if the return postage/outstanding rent is not paid or goods not collected after 12 weeks it is assumed the goods are abandoned and become the property of the shop owner.  It is the renters responsibility to chase for their goods not the shop owners.

  • If you still require your stock back during this 12 weeks period storage costs of half the shelf rent will be charged plus return postage costs.  After the 12 week period the stock will become the property of the shop owner, this is finite.

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