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!About Gini

Drawing at a young age


I can draw too!

It was pretty clear that I was going to be rather arts and crafty myself considering I was born from 2 artists.  I can't honestly remember not making or drawing and painting.  I would call myself a multi-crafter.  I have the tools for so many different types of crafts in my craft room I might need an extention soon! I love to crochet, make clothes, embroider, x-stitch, draw, paint, lace-make, origami, bag making, weaving, felting. book binding, jewellery making....

A spot of lace making

My favourite medium is pastels


My father was an amazingly talented artist, maily working in pen and ink.  He taught me all basics an artists should need to know about tools, equipment, persepective, techniques, tips and tricks.  So much knowledge that I was then able to take on art students in later life and pass on that knowledge.


One of my Dad's drawings

My Daddy


My brother Joshua is also an highly talented artist working and teaching at many Universities in London.  His art can be found to buy in the Sache gallery.  I'm one very proud big sister!

Joshua's oil paintings

So how did I discover Dorset Buttons?

When at college studying archaeology I discovered a book on historical textile industry which caught my eye in the library.  I was always in the library,  I later became a Librarian for 10 years. In the book I came across an interesting chapter about textile buttons and the origin of Dorset buttons.  I was fascinated and wanted to know more.  Bearing in mind this was a long time ago, Google was not at my finger tips but with the help of my wonderful archaeology teacher I was able to track down a lovely old lady in Dorset who agreed to teach me how to make them.  She was was just as excited at I was.  The skill had been passed down through generations of her family and she had no one left to now pass it on to so she was delighted when I got in touch.  I made a promise to her that I would teach other people and pass it on.  I have kept this promise and taught individuals and workshops all over the UK for over 25 years to people from all over the world.  I wish she was still alive to see just how far they have come!

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